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Iíll Take The Lowest Mansion


You said youíve made a mansion, Lord, especially for me
Iíll take the lowest one you have as long as Iím near Thee
It wonít matter if itís way down low, I will not mind one bit
As long as I can see the throne where my mighty Father sits.

Iíll follow where you lead me to glimpse your radiant light
Even if seen dimly, youíll be within my sight
I wouldnít even dream of asking anything more from you
Before I come back home please guard my heart and lips in all I say and do.

When the Book of Life is opened Lord, and you seek out my name
Please Dear Father, I make my plea, that I wonít be held in shame
I ask my name be written there, that youíll count me as your own
If I ask you Father for a loaf of bread, will you give me just a stone?

I havenít always done things right, and my sins are scarlet red
But Iíve paid a heavy price dear Lord, with the burning tears Iíve shed

I know you count the tears of all the children that you love
I know they count as prayers to you in your kingdom up above.

My Dear Father, I make this last request
Iíll take the very lowest place, I do not need the best
Through my tears and prayers I ask you for a chance
To let my dream come true and when I arrive in heaven
Youíll give me my first dance.

All Glory and Honor to Our Lord Jesus Christ

Written by Ann Sorbara

March 2008


Dedicated to My Mother, who inspired me to write this poem


Alabama sings: "Amazing Grace"

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